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  • Tel: 086-020-81634757
  • Mobile: 18312417844
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  • E-mail: 451668617@qq.com
  • Address: 5A016, 1st floor, Marriott Plaza, 21 Guangyuan West Road, New Haoban,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

Company Profile

Guangzhou liwen super fiber co., LTD. Was founded in 2010, and is mainly engaged in all kinds of low-grade PU artificial leather products. Microfiber leather; Mirror superfiber; Large size corrugated paint superfibre; Super fibre of cattle and sheep; High solid color suede; Embossed and printed super fiber and other special super fiber products.

All the products of the company meet environmental protection standards, which are suitable for automobile interior decoration. The sofa; Bags; Clothing; Shoes material. And home decoration, etc. The company has the professional development and the internal and external sales team each month has several new products listed, can cooperate with the customer development; We are with milan, Italy; In Paris, France, and other fashion agency cooperation development, the trend in the always walk at the forefront of the popular principle, to provide the latest market products to serve the broad masses of customers, the literati, honest with each other, to meet friends


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