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Wenzhou women's shoes "eliminate" belle, daphne? The truth is...
From: Guangzhou liwen super fiber co. LTD. Post date: 2018-10-23

Domestic women's shoe market is surging in recent years, "the eldest brother" belle delimits, "the second child" daphne's performance turns quickly down.. Outside rumor, big east, zhuosini, ke kafu and so on the strong rise of a batch of wenzhou fashionable women's shoes, "killed" belle and daphne.
Why is the usually "silent" dandong so feigned and domineering by his peers? After opening more than 8,000 stores in China, what big moves have been made in recent years? How did dandong first achieve "zero inventory" per season? The big east that leads domestic shoe to wear company "14 days fast vogue", how is cultivate successful? How to create "7 days fast fashion"?
Let's go to zhejiang dandong shoes co., LTD., located in luofengbei industrial park, rui 'an city, and have an in-depth dialogue with its chairman Chen guangmin (Chen), in an attempt to interpret the "dandong mode" and explore the secret of the company's development over the past 20 years.

01 has been in business for 23 years
Always stick to the main business of shoemaking
In 1995, 25 years old Chen guangmin began to make shoes, step into the shoe industry.
This year, the domestic shoe industry is flourishing, the river lake competes for supremacy. A commendation document provided to reporters by a veteran of the wenzhou shoe industry shows: On December 26, 1995, jiangsu there "there," the group, Shanghai second leather shoes factory "hiking", "power" of China's new strongman footwear group corporation, hangzhou terri yuppie shoes company "terri elegant", wenzhou shoe company Great Wall ", "first" cloud "of leather shoes factory, Shanghai, shenzhen Jane shoes industry co., LTD.", "leather shoes factory, Shanghai Asia" beauty ", "nanjing" wanli ", Beijing baihua wanli group of ten brands, such as "flowers" by China light industry association awarded the honorary title of the first batch of "China leather XieWang", on domestic leather shoes brand list pointed pyramid.
At that time, in wenzhou, ba li, 66 shun, naibao can be called the giant of the shoe industry, in the country has been quite high visibility. More than a decade later, barli, naibao collapsed, disappeared.
This year, qian jinbo founded red dragonfly, shan zhimin founded irkang.
2.Change hot style men's shoes into women's shoes
The first bucket of gold
In wenzhou, there are three types of shoe business owners: the first is to run the market, engage in marketing, and come back to run a shoe factory; The second is to be a boss from the point of view of workers; The third kind is shoe-like designer to start a business when boss. However, Chen guangmin seems to belong to the fourth kind. He once worked as a shoe apprentice and knew production. After three years of beekeeping, he has seen all over the world and knows marketing and sales.

03 consumers like to buy the most
The dadong women's shoes cost 79 yuan
If a pair of PU leather shoes with cost of 40 yuan are sold in the mode of "company -- provincial agent -- dealer -- consumer", which is commonly used by the shoe industry, and the retail price is about 300 yuan, the dealer who opens the store may have money to make. Its malpractice is the company sales volume does not go and restrict enterprise rapid development, the agent, the dealer makes money difficult, and the consumer wants to spend more "wrong" money. However, after the innovation of the mode of "removing the intermediate links and unifying the company's pricing", "what we do is the professional brand and only sell the price of goods on the market", the high cost performance won great development space for the company.

4.There is a dealer
We opened 30 stores in dadong
In the late 1990s, aokang, kangnai and other wenzhou shoe giants opened the first chain stores. Around 2008, it was the peak of the development of wenzhou footwear brand. The exclusive shops of okang, red dragonfly, kangnai, spider king and ilkang were all over the country. At this time, great east encountered unprecedented marketing difficulties, a reform began, a new business model emerged.

05 no "joint operation"
Big east can't go now
Through the reform, the intermediate link of sales has been removed. The retail price of women's shoes in dadong has been greatly reduced, the sales volume has increased greatly, the cost of making shoes has also decreased, and the capital chain has been reactivated, which has greatly improved the capital turnover rate. In 2013, the capital turnover rate of wenzhou shoe enterprises was only two or three times a year. At that time, dadong's capital turnover has been five or six times. To put it simply, if the capital of 100 million yuan is turned around two or three times a year, we can do business of 200 or 300 million yuan. If you turn around five or six times a year, you can do a business worth five or six billion dollars.

06 "ji qing" time
Shoes are also given to consumers
Inventory is the heavy burden of shoe apparel enterprises. Stock is much, the profit of a business of spread thin, 2 let shoe wear these fast fashionable product depreciate, "the clothes shoe of summer, return how to sell in winter?" The implementation of "zero inventory" of dadong, in this respect has been far ahead of domestic peers.

07 "7-day fast fashion"
To create a fashion base
Daedong women's shoes "r & d, design, production, logistics, sales" "14 days fast fashion", now leading domestic shoes and clothing enterprises. And dadong's goal is more than that.

8.Selling shoes is as time-sensitive as selling seafood
Two years ago, dadong began to test the intelligent logistics, and the sorting process in the logistics distribution realized no humanization and intelligence, similar to the intelligent logistics warehouse of jingdong. Currently, dadong is building an intelligent logistics warehouse with a height of 34 meters and an area of 14,000 square meters. Mr Chen said it would be the first intelligent logistics system for China's footwear industry to be "one warehouse for the whole country".

9.More than 8,000 stores have been opened across the country
Whether it is product, price, or target consumer group, dadong USES medium and low grade market positioning, takes the four, five and six line market as the base, USES the "countryside encircle the city" strategy, draws close to the second and third line city gradually. In eight years, the rapid growth of dadong stores from 1,000 to more than 8,000, with the scale effect becoming increasingly prominent.

10 make da dong from "China national brand" into "China famous brand"
How does the advantageous traditional industry of wenzhou develop with high quality? Dandong constantly carries out business model reform and innovation, ADAPTS to the transformation to seek a new road, and actively embraces "Internet +", which sets an example for wenzhou shoe leather enterprises.

It's not dadong who "kills" belle and daphne
11."Innovation is disruptive and disruptive, and the result of innovation is to blame others or themselves." Chen guangmin thinks, the enterprise competes, often be "eldest brother" with "second child" fight, the result is killed however "third child". So after the business slowly unprofitable, face close shop; Closing stores means smaller sizes and higher costs.

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